Gentle Years Yoga with Dr Jocelyn Jones – Tuesdays 10 am (pauses Dec-Feb)

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Gentle Years Yoga© (GYY) is ideal for you if you’re an older adult with one or more conditions; and would prefer to practise chair-based yoga rather than getting up and down from the floor.

Complete yoga beginners are always welcome. Free taster classes available throughout the year.

What are students saying about Gentle Years Yoga©?

I find the class so beneficial with breathing and movement generally. Very enjoyable’. Wendy, Course Evaluation, November 2023

Relaxing for stress levels. Good for breathing and core strength. Very sociable’. Linda, Course Evaluation, November 2023.

A GYY class typically includes:
·       working with the breath,
·       warm-ups including gentle pulse raisers,
·       co-ordination and concentration activities,
·       balance improvement exercises,
·       resistance work for muscle strengthening,
·       modified yoga postures,
·       relaxation.

Key benefits from a regular GYY practice:
·       Improved breathing, postural alignment and fine motor skills,
·       Strengthened muscles,
·       Increased flexibility, balance and mobility,
·       Having fun and making new friends, with free coffee and home-made cake at the last class in each course.